Monday, April 29, 2019

Book Review: The Great Passage

The Great Passage by Shion Miura

If you love words, you will love this book. The story takes place in Japan and is a story of the creation of a dictionary. Who knew that would make a great story?

A quiet and nerdy guy who loves words lands a job in a publishing house dictionary division. He is fascinated by words and their etymology. He's perfect for the job of creating a new dictionary.

I loved all the thought and enjoyment about words and their various meanings. The story is touching and even gripping. I was surprised and pleased with how much I enjoyed this book. In Japan a movie was made of this book. I hope I can find it somewhere on the web and watch it. I expect it to be a great movie if it does honor to the book upon which it is based.


Alice said...

I read "I Will Always Write Back" and enjoyed it very much. Thanks for the
tip. It amazing what one person can do. It's a good reminder. I also just
notice your reading list which I will check into more thoroughly. You also
make lovely quilts.

Carol E. said...

Thanks, Alice. I am so glad you read and enjoyed "I Will Always Write Back."