Sunday, August 12, 2018

Quilt Show in Blue Earth!

Last Friday hubby offered to drive me down to Blue Earth, MN. It's a two-hour drive from here. Why go to Blue Earth out of the Blue? (haha) For a quilt show, of course!

The Blue Earth guild has an annual show in August, and I have been wanting to go. This was the year to go as my blogger/quilter idol, Julie P., was their featured quilter. Here is a link to Julie's blog, but she hasn't written much lately. Slow blogging is in the air, I guess. Hubby was nice enough to drive both directions, so it was a relaxing day for me. I really don't enjoy driving.

This is Julie P. and me standing in front of her Navajo Code Talker quilt. A small/medium group from the guild all made this pattern, with variations. It was fun to meet Julie in person; we both got kind of shy even though we had talked quite a bit via blogs and email. Life is funny!

Her quilts were among my faves at the show, and many of them I had seen on her blog, but they're even better IRL.
This is her weather quilt from 2016, recently finished, which is similar to mine which I also just recently finished except I still need to do the binding. Mine is on this blog a few posts back, at "Summer Sewing."

This one refers to her love of geo-caching.

Julie Sefton asked Julie P. to make a barn, to be included in Julie S's book, "Build a Barn."

This is Julie's Lego quilt, inspired by Tonya Ricucci. I have one, too, but Julie's inspired idea was the little flying geese units, which I love. Mine does not have those.

All the above quilts are Julie's. All the quilts pictured below are by other people in the guild:

They had free food at the quilt show on Friday night, so we nibbled on that instead of having dinner with our relatives who are a couple towns over from Blue Earth. We got home with still a decent amount of the night left for diddling around; our little road trip was quick and fun. I have not changed my mind about being a big fan of Julie and her quilts. I love her quirky and colorful style.


Louise said...

Wow, what a gorgeous group of quilts! Julie P is kind of a rock star, isn't she? I'd never seen her blog before, so I'm off to go dig into it. Great stuff!

joe tulips said...

I love it! When I was leaving and the parking lot was empty, I spotted a little sprout statue! They have put up a bunch of them all over blue earth. Did you stop at the jolly green giant statue? Thank you for coming down!

Quiltdivajulie said...

How great that the two of you met in person! I've been a fan of Julie P for years - we haven't met up yet IRL but maybe one day we will.