Sunday, July 28, 2013

Working at a Snail's Pace

This weekend I finally buckled down and dedicated my time to my Quilt That Has a Deadline. I'm making slow but sure progress. It's hard when a person has to think and do some quick math in one's head. Not to mention working with quilt parts that I left undone a month ago, and now attempting to remember where my thoughts were when I packed it up. Quite the challenge.

Before I buckled down, I did let myself finish this scrappy top which was taking up space on my design wall. After that I buckled down. (This top is headed to Quilts Beyond Borders.)

Here is what I had done on my Deadline quilt as of Saturday night. It's so huge that it doesn't begin to fit on my design wall. The left-hand side is folded over to attempt to make room for the right-hand side.

I'm still plugging away, although even more slowly. It is now Sunday afternoon. I got up, went to church, and now Hubby and I are sitting outside on a most glorious and sunny day. It's beautiful in Minnesota today!! So I have made no more progress on this quilt top. I definitely will go inside soon and will work further on this quilt. This weekend is the time, beautiful weather or not.

Check in later this week, and hopefully I'll be able to show you the finished top. I'll need to find two or three people to help hold it up for a photo.

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