Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Last Weekend I ...

... went to an all-day meeting on Saturday, at the campus which includes this awesome chapel. Was really tired, because I had not slept well Friday night. The morning meeting was interesting and informative. The afternoon was boring, and I may have taken a short snooze during that one. Hope I didn't snore!

... enjoyed the beautiful flowers on the college campus!

... photographed this house (above) which I loved. It looks like the wonky houses we bloggers love to make in quilts. It's on the entrance road into the college campus I visited.

... Saturday evening drove on to my destination. On the way, the sky was AWESOME! The sun was shining through the clouds and making long sunbeams from clouds to earth. Just beautiful. I kept trying to photograph it, difficult while driving, and the photos didn't do it justice. I pulled off the road into the little town where Victoria Findlay Wolfe grew up (name-dropping. [See one of her blogs here.] Took some sky pics (below) but couldn't get them to depict the beauty I was enjoying. I call this one "Window to Heaven."

... got to friend's house. Had fun chatting and spending time in her home. It has been a long time since we just hung out! Had a good sleep next to her long-arm quilting machine. No, I did not do any sewing while there, but it was tempting!

... took pics of her estate, animals, etc.

... went on to visit my mom in time for lunch on Sunday. We have quiet times together. We talk, read, watch some TV, eat, I knit, and that's about it. I help take her garbage and recycling to their appropriate places.

... drove back, on Monday morning, to the town where I attended the Saturday meetings. I was able to do my Monday work hours in our Sister Center. Nice that I didn't have to rush all the way back home.

... happily arrived back home Monday evening. Caught up with husband. Watched some TV. Had a good night's sleep in my own bed! It was a good weekend, except I didn't get one minute to sew!


joe tulips said...

The feet have caught my eye. They look so young. Are they yours?

Anonymous said...

I recognize that chapel! Can't say I have ever seen your toes before, though.