Wednesday, July 03, 2013

We All Dyed!

Friends and I went to the family cabin for an extended stay and quilt-making retreat. We had a blast, and I came home so tired! These days it takes me a few days to recover from a few days of fun. Old age. You gotta love it.

These are projects I worked on...

My cousin taught us to ice dye. It was quite fun! I'm going to do more of it. First I must purchase the dye supplies.

After the retreat I went to visit my mom. She was kind of ... dare I say this publicly? ... crabby. At the end I said, "love you" and she said, "yes. I know you do." Harrumph. I am going to keep saying it to her. Stoicism be damned.

I am glad tomorrow is the 4th of July. A day off!!! I have worked two days this week and have to work one more. It's too much work after a hard week of relaxing. I hope to get more done on the above projects.

sunset at my sister's house


Mystic Quilter said...

Oh Carol what a glorious sunset how lucky is your sister to look out on that sky over the water!

rondiquilts said...

I keep wanting to try that ice dying but haven't, love the outcome.
No I don't have a blog, follow a few and if I had a blog it would take my time that I use following others blogs!
I follow Tonya and come by you through her. I am glad you enjoyed the word vertical, I was worried even though I thought that was clever.
For my Mothers last 5 years we had her in assited living due to Alzhiemer's. As I left I would hug her and tell her I loved her. She would just look at me and grin and nod, I don't know that she knew what love meant meant anymore. Although I knew she was always glad to see me when I walked in. She passed away in 2010, she was 79 and I was just turning 50.
Enjoy the 4th. It is pouring here.

Anonymous said...

What a fun thing todo! Happy 4th!

joe tulips said...

No wonder you are tired. I love the top quilt. It looks like a cross stitch pattern. The dye project sounds like so much fun. I have no words of wisdom about your mom. Just love her! It's all you can really do I think.

Carol E. said...

Oh, I didn't do all those projects from scratch. On one I just added the binding. On another that I didn't show you, I added a border. The top one with the big green/blue stars is the only thing I started from scratch. I still have 3 more big stars to make for that one! And about my mom... I love her. But she's 92, and sometimes I just have to grit my teeth. Thanks for understanding.