Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I Don't Like Summer

Have I ever told you that I don't like summer? It's my least favorite season. Maybe I'm crazy, but so be it. I'm fair skinned, burn easily, and don't like feeling sweaty. I don't like heat and humidity. When it's really hot I get grumpy and lazy!

I'm trying to count my blessings and not be Ms. McGrumpy. I'm lucky and thankful that we have air conditioning, and I'm lucky on many other fronts, too. So I try not to complain about summer too much. After all, winter is not that far off. I prefer winter over summer.... but winter has its unpleasant moments, too.

Maybe some day Hubby and I can be Snow Birds. Where would I like to live in the different seasons, if I could have my choice? Let's see: summers in the Pacific Northwest (Port Townsend, Sequim, Olympia or up in the San Juan Islands at Friday Harbor). Winters... not sure yet. I'd like a place that is cool, not frigid, yet sunny. I don't mind some snow. I just don't want to be inundated. Maybe Denver? Sedona, Arizona? I don't know enough about their climates. I think some road trips are in order... for research purposes, you know.

Then there is San Francisco that just might suit my climate preferences year 'round. If I move to the west coast, can they guarantee no big earthquakes?

It's fun to day dream, anyway. What's your favorite season? And if you could live wherever you want, where would that be?


Brenda said...

Summer isn't my favourite either -- I don't like heat and humidity. I like crisp fall days instead. but a hot humid day is a good excuse to stay inside with the AC and quilt!

Quilter Kathy said...

I'm with you Carol! I don't like the hot humid weather... it just sucks the life energy right out of me.
My fave is the autumn...warm days, cool nights, pretty colours.

BrendaLou said...

Sorry...SF will have it's earthquakes (so will Eureka). I miss the heat living here where it never gets above 75....and we don't even have air fact we run our heater every month of the year.

Paula, the quilter said...

Plus when you add in the summer allergies you really get miserable. Denver is good. But you will need the AC too.

Anonymous said...

My favorite season is autumn and if I could live wherever I wanted, I would live in a lighthouse. Officer Friendly and I actually talked about buying one once when a list of lighthouses for sale showed up in the Sunday paper. It was a fun conversation with him.

Carol E. said...

Goodnightgram, I can see you living in a lighthouse!

joe tulips said...

I prefer the coolness of fall and spring. I love the coziness of snow.
Warm summer days are nice, but the hot stuff is not to my liking.
I love winter, but warm winter days.
Not the below zero windchill days.
I am happy enough with where I am right now. The variety of seasons is wonderful. There is always some thing to love or sit and complain about.

Rina Mason said...

I'm with you, I don't like summer at all. Fall is my favorite time of year. The days are warm, the evenings are cool and it's time to slow down and start cooking comfort food. If I could live anywhere it would be in one of the New England states. I am a born and raised flatlander but my heart belongs to New England.

Sextant said...

Spring and fall is my favorite but April is my favorite month at least the Aprils of old. Now February seems to last 75 days and July picks up right where February leaves off. What ever happened to March, April, May and June?

Hate heat, hate snow, don't mind cold.