Monday, July 15, 2013

I'm Running Behind Myself

I have a quilt project that has a deadline. That's almost a guaranteed downer for me... something I have to finish, and something I've already started, so the initial excitement has faded. Now I just need to keep slogging ahead and get it done. What I find much easier to do is new projects.

So, my deadline project is still sitting there waiting, and I'm running behind... and messing myself up in the process. Soon I'll have to scramble.

Meanwhile, though, I've been having fun. I made this for Bundles of Love. It's all done, quilted and bound. All it lacks is a label.

this small baby quilt measures 32" x 40"

Then I got a donation bag of extras to do with what I wish... so I played immediately, and made this top for Quilts Beyond Borders.

it measures 39" x 60"

It's a hot week.. good week to stay indoors, sew, read, and maybe convince myself to finish that project that has a deadline. Go, Carol, go!

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Anonymous said...

There is nothing like a deadline to make me want to start something else. My sympathies as you slog on. :-)