Saturday, July 13, 2013

A Little Help From my Friends

I couldn't do as much quilting as I do without help from many friends. People give me fabrics, scraps, blocks, ideas, moral support, and they help with the steps such as machine quilting and binding for me! I certainly do "get by with a little help from my friends" (song lyrics, if you didn't know).

First thing to show you is the cute blocks I got from my friend, B. She is a knitter, not a quilter. But she is a quilt fan (hooray!), and she pitched in when I asked for verb blocks for my 60th birthday quilt. She freaked herself out by thinking she had to provide quilt blocks, but managed beautifully, don't you think? These words are knitted, then attached to fabric. I love them and love the diversity my quilt will have (when made, which will be who knows when).

My stated goal for completion of my word quilt was my 61st birthday, which is coming up in September, but I have made no progress so far, and, as you can see, I'm still receiving blocks in the mail. So fun! I no longer have the expectation to get this quilt completed in time for my birthday. But it's still in celebration of my new decade, the 60s. So far the 60s have treated me quite nicely.

The other help I'm getting currently is machine quilting by my friend, A. She is taking SIX quilt tops from me to be finished for Sunshine. We donate quilts to Wrap a Smile and to Quilts Beyond Borders. Taking six off my hands is quite a relief to me. When I get too many backed up, waiting for quilting, I begin to feel overwhelmed. These are the six she will quilt and bind for me:

The first five are for Wrap a Smile. This last one is for Quilts Beyond Borders.

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joe tulips said...

Now this is really stretching it, but your 60th birthday quilt could really be the "decade of 60's" giving you all kinds of time for an actual finish!