Tuesday, May 28, 2013

"I Love My Cover!"

the quilt I gave to "S"

Today I was pulling my car into a parking lot, and my friend, S., walked past at the exact same time. She used to be my student, but after she graduated and I retired, we keep in loose contact and are now friends. She recently got a job in my neighborhood, so I've seen her more frequently than I had for a couple of years. It's nice! About a month ago I stopped into where she works and gave her a quilt. She was busy and didn't say much other than "I needed a new cover."

Today, when S. was walking through the parking lot, she told me, "I love my cover! I sleep under it every night!" Her BF had noticed and told her "your name is on it!" (the label) She had not even noticed and said it makes her "feel special." What a wonderful couple of statements to tell a quilter! I love my "cover," my name on it makes me feel special, I use it every night. That's exactly what I love to hear. S. had a tough beginning in life but has that special spark that enabled her to persevere and never give up. Her spark has also helped her do well on the job; she is now being trained for a promotion. Her spark is what drew me to her in the first place, and why I wanted to give her what I consider a special gift: a quilt. Even though to her it's a cover. Who cares what she calls it!? I'm glad she loves it.

Here are some quilts/covers (smile) that I am sending to Wrap Them in Love... the first one is finished, the other 4 are just tops.


beth said...

A great way to LOVE people is with a quilt! What a nice post. You're right....who cares what they call the quilt. ;)

Brenda said...

that's a great comment. thanks for sharing it with us.

Sharon said...

How fun for you to get that wonderful feedback?! We love when someone loves our quilts, don't we?

I like your latest batch of quilts, esp. the top photo. Lots of fun stuff to look at in that one.