Sunday, May 05, 2013

A Quilt From Prison

This is the top I put together from the blocks I received recently -- made by male prisoners. I am waiting to hear from the program coordinator; I hope I can help with more top assemblies and also donate some fabrics. I've heard the guys love being in this quilting program, and others are waiting to get in. I am for anything that gives them a positive outlet for their energies.

Today was a beautiful day, and Hubby and I had a nice walk in the sunshine. I think spring has arrived (knock on wood)!

I re-discovered a fun knitting project and started another scarf to make for the Craft Hope Rally For Roma project. Pictures will eventually appear here at my blog.

My self-declared spring break was fun and relaxing. I'm sad to see it come to an end, because this next week is busy with work and several meetings. This is the kind of week that causes retired people to say "I don't know how I used to have time to go to work!" I don't know if I'll have any time to sew or knit this week, but I'll try to squeeze it in.

Ta-ta, all. Have a fabulous week.


Anonymous said...

Very interesting prison project. what happens to the quilts when you send them back?

Carol E. said...

The quilts are donated to various places such as women's shelters. Maybe some kids' places, too... I'm not totally sure yet, until I hear from the coordinator.

These are places where there may be people who are similar to the victims of these guys in prison. (I don't know if that's their goal; I'm just adding that as my tutorial. I think it helps a bit with their restitution... at least I hope it does.)

I actually have quilted the one I put together. it only needs a binding. Then I found out that maybe the guys themselves like to quilt or maybe tie them. Oops! That's another detail that I need to be confirmed once I hear from the coordinator.