Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A Day in My Life

After I figured out that the turtle we found in our yard (see yesterday's post) was a snapper, I wasn't as enamored with it. In fact, it kind of creeped me out. I wonder if it was a mama turtle, burying her eggs in our yard. Maybe, because she wasn't aggressive at all; probably worn out from laying eggs. Also she seems to have skedaddled pretty quickly after finishing whatever task she she was appointed to do in our yard. We have not investigated to see if there are any freshly dug/covered up holes.

Today has been so cold! High was in the low 50s F., and it has been raining all day. I had to put on a wool sweater and wool socks to stay warm. A tragedy happened today not too far from where I used to work and near where Hubby takes his daily walk. At the end of his walk he heard sirens and saw several emergency vehicles arriving in the area... a couple of kids died... it was weather-related. I just feel so terrible for the families. The ferocious tornado in Oklahoma has been on my mind, too. What a terrifying time for them! Life can change in an instant. I was moved to send my adult kids a text reminding them how much I love them. Son responded; daughter probably rolled her eyes. She knows I send texts like that when I watch poignant movies or hear something sad! Sometimes I have a hurting heart. Sending mommy heart hugs to all families who are suffering tonight.

Work was weird today, too. For some reason I just couldn't get my brain engaged. When they made an offer for an early-out this afternoon, I snatched it up. My job is just too hard to attempt when my brain won't cooperate. I'm hoping next time I go to work my brain will be better rested and ready to engage.

I came home early and was able to finish quilting and binding a project for Quilts Beyond Borders. Tomorrow I will send these two quilts in the mail to QBB. Sorry... I've probably posted these pics a million times, but getting them done and in the mail is so exciting. I can't do that without posting pics at my blog!

Both these quilts measure 40" x 60". This quilt is my first Sunshine-related quilt being sent to Quilts Beyond Borders.

This quilt is officially my response to the Hands 2 Help Challenge for Quilts Beyond Borders. I used leftovers from this quilt in the borders of the quilt above.

I finished this block today, too. I followed a picture from someone's blog (do you know who's? I've forgotten). I didn't have the dimensions, so I made up that part. Mine measures about 20". I'm not sure yet where I will use it.

And that's all for today's "day in the life" report. Not the best day, with sadness around me and cold, dreary weather. But I did manage to finish quilts and make a block. Carrying on.

I really hope I don't find a parade of baby snapping turtles in my yard later this summer!


Anonymous said...

I know at least three "finishes": finished top, finished quilting, and finished binding. All quite exciting. And I agree, actually getting it packaged and mailed is worth a photo and a cheer as well! Love that bear quilt. In my local quilt guild in IN they used to say you could show a quilt seven times. I don't know what the other four milestones were--maybe finished without border and then with border? but that still leaves three.

BrendaLou said... is where the barn bock came from. loved those quilts. you do a good job from "inherited" blocks.