Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday Books and Four Quilts

Friday Books: I have reviewed two books. One is a self-published book by my aunt. It's a journal she kept over the years as she and my uncle built their lake cabin by hand from the ground up. This was in the early 60s when my family was building a cabin next door. Those were wonderful years when my cousins and I could run around in the woods and swim all day long. It was great fun reading her journal and re-living those days. I gave it five stars because of the wonderful gem it is for our family. (Of course, it's very well written, too. My aunt is a published author... a real writer.)

The second book is The One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate, written for kids age 8-12. Really good book, though it gets pretty sad. It is based on the true life of a gorilla named Ivan, who lived alone in a small cage for 27 years. Check out my reviews at my Goodreads shelf in my sidebar. Four stars.. great book which won the Newbery Prize.

Yesterday I got four quilts back from my fabulous friend, Diane. She quilts some of my charity tops for me, and they are always beautifully done. Here they are, pre-binding.

P.S. Ever since we got our new Adirondack chair, it has rained every single day; I have not been able to use it as my quilt modeler. Boo hoo.

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