Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sorry So Late

I made a quilt for my nephew for his high school graduation. Hahaha! He's in his second year of college now (or is it, heaven forbid, his 3rd year?? Now I can't remember). I finally got it finished, and I wonder if he even remembers that I promised him a quilt. I once showed him the unquilted top, and he said it was "nice, rich colors." I hope he wasn't really thinking that it's too juvenile or too un-manly or something.

If nothing else, if he gets married in the future, his wife can use it as a lap quilt.

Here it is: not very long (I should have made it longer for his tallness), but a good size for a lap quilt. I hope it's acceptable on the manliness scale. It was machine quilted by Diane S. who always does beautiful work. I finally finished the binding today.

Happy graduation, A.C.! At least I got this finished before college graduation came along.


Anonymous said...

Oh! I'm so glad you showed a close-up so we could see the quitling AND the some fabriuc deatil. I love to see the fabric deatils.

Sextant said...

Generally, I am of the opinion that manliness and quilts can't be used in the same sentence. But we had a guy at work that was into antique quilts. I thought it was just his wife that was interested in them, but he told us that they got into a 3 week snit because she wanted a different quilt than he wanted. I told him that the problem was that there were two people who wanted the wear the dress in his house. He was also a body builder with huge muscles, but we still made fun of him.

At the risk of sounding unmanly, oh hell I am old enough now it don't matter, the quilting is really neat. My mother quilted so I have some appreciation for it. When your friend does that quilting by machine, does the machine do the design as well or does she have to guide the material?

A few years ago, there was a vendor at a mall that had a Toyota sewing machine with maybe a dozen bobbins of different colors of thread hitched up to a computer. They were embroidering the logos of the local high schools and colleges on sweat shirts and jackets. I watched the thing work while my wife was shopping. It only took a couple of minutes to embroider a logo. Boy was that machine busy, the needles were just a blur. Fascinating.

Very nice quilt.

AnnieO said...

Very nice! I think it looks plenty manly. I have no problem with using manly colors but there are always flowers and polka dots in every quilt I make for men--because I'm the one picking the prints :)

Carol E. said...

Oh, Sextant, you are treading on dangerous ground! Quilts ARE and CAN BE manly. Doesn't a man need to be warm when he goes off to college? But I forgive you, because your mom was a quilter. The woman who does machine quilting for me has a machine that she guides, I believe. There are so many new-fangled machines out there, I can't even keep up. There are some that are computerized so that a person could walk away and let the machine do the work, at least in theory. That is not what she has, though.