Monday, August 15, 2011

Letter to RB

If you are RB from Czech Republic, this note is for you:

For others of you, FYI: I have had a pen pal in Czech Republic for 20+ years! Is it really that long?? Yes, because my son was four years old when we started, and he will soon be 25!

Occasionally we send each other an email. Infrequently we send real letters through snail mail. We used to write letters quite regularly! I never thought I would say this, but in these modern times I think I prefer the newer ways of keeping in touch. I have always LOVED getting real letters in my mailbox. I still do. But lately they seem harder to write. I have to feel excited about it and inspired to write something. They're still fun to receive, but not as fun to write any more. Sad! I'm surprised I have come to this conclusion. I never would have predicted this strange turn of events in myself.

Emails are easier. Don't you agree, RB? Plus, I'm aware that you read this blog, so I know you are up-to-date on my crazy thoughts and mundane activities. Maybe you should get a Facebook account. Facebook reflects even crazier moments in a person's life. I enjoy keeping up with my friends at Facebook.

RB, your most recent letter almost made me laugh. I could tell that you were just writing it to write it, maybe to please me. I think you would have preferred to send an email! From now on, I give you permission to write to me electronically. I think that's what you want, anyway. Let's be women of the 21st century and see how that goes. What do you think?

Your old pal, slowly changing with the times,

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