Monday, August 22, 2011

Back From Quilt Camp

I sent myself on a solo quilt camp retreat. I went to the lake and stayed at the cabin alone. The idea was to use extended time to concentrate on making a particular quilt that is coming up on being overdue.

The four days alone were lovely, except for the times when it was TOO quiet. Luckily two of my cousins were at their cabins, too. We had time to visit and had dinner together Saturday night. That was nice.

I worked on the quilt. Made some progress. Not as much as I could have, but it's impossible to stay inside a cabin, sewing, while the weather is gorgeous and perfect for being outside. I swam once. After that it wasn't hot enough to feel tempted. I sat on the deck, reading, more than I had intended to, which cut into my sewing time. But I didn't worry about it. Who can resist perfect deck-reading weather in a lovely setting? Not I. (I finished one book and got halfway through another.)

my sewing station

One day I went into town to check out a couple of bookstores and to get some groceries. I did a toy drop at one of the bookstores. I was also lucky to discover a quilt show going on in the local museum! That was a nice little diversion and was a good show.

dropped at Beagle Books in Park Rapids, Minnesota

Quilt camp came to an end, and I had to leave Paradise. On my way home I stopped at my sister's bookstore, then did another toy drop a little further down the street. Visited with my mom briefly, and then got back on the road and returned home. (Over 300 miles driven yesterday - long day!)

As always, being at the lake was restful and lovely. One day the lake was sparkling with diamonds; another day the lake was still like a mirror. Skies were blue with puffy, white clouds, and temps were cool. Just gorgeous. I did make some progress on the quilt, though I could have made more. Not to worry. It'll get done.

toy dropped at Travelers Inn Restaurant in Alexandria, Minnesota - I forgot to take a photo of the toy before he went into the bag. Bummer.


AnnieO said...

Sounds like a restful and interesting solo time! Thanks for the quilt show--love that big 9 patch one. The toy drops look like a blast!

Pattilou said...

Paradise for sure! Loved this post. It took me away too, for a few minutes.

Melissa Kaye said...

Sounds absolutely fabulous. I'm glad you had a good, relaxing and semi-productive (any type of productive is good to me!) time!

The Quilting Elf said...

What a cute fish toy! A little peace is good for the soul ... your cabin getaway sounds like a gem.

Louise said...

Your cabin is in a beautiful & peaceful spot...I'd never want to leave.
I was curious about you dropping toys, so went to the link. It sounds like lots of fun & a good excuse to make toys!

Mama Drama Times Two said...

What a treasure to have some time away to quilt and read!!!! Bliss! Great pictures of the quilt show. I've been away from blogging for a several weeks and do not know when you changed the look of your blog - but love the shelfari and the new header. Always a treat to visit here.