Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hypocritical Me

OK, I'm a hypocrite. I'll admit it. I probably am hypocritical in more than a few ways. But this is the one I'm going to share with you today: HOT GUYS. I still have eyes.

Here's where I am a hypocrite: I won't allow my husband ever to admit that he notices beautiful women, and I won't let him talk about any "crushes" he may have. Yet I get to have crushes. See? I'm a terrible hypocrite. He plays along with my rules, though. He's a trooper. (And just remember, I'm crazy in love with my hubby. These guys - below - will never change that!!!)

Confession: I have a crush on Adam Beach. Do you know who he is? Here's his photo. Isn't he dreamy? My niece has a crush on him, too, so we share him.

Today a Facebook friend posted this guy, Sendhi Ramamurthy. Whoa! He's another hottie. I never know who any famous people are, so I'll admit I never heard of him before, and I've never seen him anywhere. But I think my FB friend and I are going to have to share this guy, too.

Whoo! Isn't it fun to use one's eyes (and be hypocritical) every now and then???


Anonymous said...

Carol - Sendhi Ramamurthy is on "Covert Affairs" on USA. They just finished up the summer season. Yeah, he's hot!

Sarah said...

Can I share both hotties with you?!

Sextant said...

You shameless hoochie! Although I don't want to share your hotties. My wife is the same way, she can ooh and ahh about Antonio Banderas but I better not check out Sigourney Weaver too much.