Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Ugly Quilts

Tonight at quilt guild we had an Ugly Quilt contest. I entered one, but alas, I guess it was too "pretty." I didn't win.

Jackie won. And before I show you the picture, I must tell you that she is a FABULOUS quilter. Everything she makes is beautiful. So this one was quite a shock. When I saw it and saw who made it, I said incredulously, "that's a Jackie quilt??" I could hardly believe it.

She once did a presentation for us on quilt embellishments. It was funny and entertaining, as well as inspiring. She encouraged all of us to try embellishing (with buttons, plastic flowers, beads, bells, whatever we felt adventurous enough to try to use on a quilt). Several of us did try; I was rather sheepish about it but did some little tiny beads on a quilt which was all I could imagine doing. Jackie herself is an expert at quilt embellishing. As I said, everything she makes is gorgeous. Perfect. When I grow up I want to be her.

So this "winning" quilt was quite surprising. Note the beautiful little dots. Those are buttons. The Queen of Embellishment used nerdy little buttons. I guess she had to start somewhere. Here's the Ugliest Quilt --

We were invited to wear ugly outfits tonight, too. I would have, but my extended family went out for dinner just before my guild meeting, and I didn't want to embarrass them at the restaurant. Jackie probably would have won for Ugliest Outfit, too. We didn't have a contest for that, though.. just the fun of looking like a dork for the night.

Jackie, thanks for keeping us entertained -- and surprised!

[p.s. my camera battery died, so these are the only photos I got for the night]


AnnieO said...

Ummm, yeah. That is one UGLY quilt! Wow. Must have been an off day when she pulled those fabrics to play together :)

Love the ugly outfit too--the black socks are pretty funny!

BrendaLou said...

your guild seems to have so much fun and do so many creative things. maybe someday I could be a member!

Anonymous said...

C: You have WAY more fun that I do . . . Ugly Quilt Contest and Ugly outfits. Your post made me smile.