Saturday, August 18, 2007

Oh, Why Not?!

I just re-visited Tracey's blog and enjoyed her pictures from the Vermont Quilt Festival. I have a ton of pictures from the Minnesota Quilt show and had not posted them. After seeing Tracey's, I decided to share the beauty from this neck of the woods. This show was back in June, and the only photos I showed you then were the Best of Show. This time I'll show you a random assortment of quilts that I liked enough to photograph. Enjoy!

Scroll down to a posting of a couple days ago, and you will see that this quilt also hung in the Dakota County Fair (early August). It was made by Kathy S. from whom I once took a Dear Jane class.

Some might call this quilt an "artsy fartsy" type of quilt, but I really like it for the colors and the shape and the little fishies. I just plain like it! (And is "artsy fartsy" bad?? I say no!)

What can I say? "Wow!"

Great colors! This is a pattern I want to try some day. If I do, I wonder how mine will stack up next to this one?? hahaha!!

For your viewing pleasure I give you this far shot, and then a close-up to see how awesome the quilting is. I love the delicate applique around the border.

This one uses well-placed color to make it look like lights are shining on it. Well done, isn't it?! It's hard to believe it's NOT lights, even when seeing it in person.

The last one I will share with you is just a portion of a quilt. I loved this quilt in small sections; and it is beautifully done. I just did not like it as much as an overall quilt. I thought that it was too busy with all these pinwheels all over the large quilt. Apologies to the person who made it, but it's just my opinion which means nothing, you realize. But as I said, zoom in on a small section, and you see its beauty.


Patti said...

Thanks for sharing. We all love pictures of quilts - any quilts! And these are wonderful.

Knitted Gems said...

I'm so glad you listed the pics again. They are just beautiful!

Katie said...

Thanks for taking me to a quilt show this morning. Just what I needed. :)

Tracey in CT said...

THanks for sharing the pictures! Quilts that I'll never be able to pull off...but its fun to look at them anyway!