Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Men's Room

Remember a while back I was asked to make a quilt for the women's bathroom at church? I did make one, and it has been hanging in there for about a year. This week I decided I should make one for the men's room, too. Their bathroom isn't all decorated nicely like the women's; their only decoration so far is this quilt that I just made and hung up today after church! How many guys do you suppose will even notice that it's there??

You may or may not realize that this block in the men's room quilt goes quite well with the quilt I am working on in its tipsy turvy setting. This block actually is from that quilt... when I thought I needed to make more blocks so I'd have a set of 24 (4 x 6), I was doing incorrect math. (There's a surprise.) I forgot that when you start out with a 12-inch block and then add borders to each one, the block will no longer measure 12 inches! Duh!! I was planning a zillion borders to fill out the quilt top so it'll fit our bed, not realizing that the blocks are now 15-inchers! So when I finally remembered how to add and multiply, I ended up with extra blocks, and voila - one was directed to the Men's Room.

I didn't have time to work more on the tipsy turvy quilt, but did cut some borders for it. I spent my Sunday afternoon making these 4 bags for school kits we are putting together at church. I was so bored with them that it took me all afternoon to make these 4 (and the pattern is super simple). I also cut more fabric for school bag kits so others at church can make them, too. We are collecting supplies but ran out of bags. All I had left on hand was the boring fabric - solid, dull colors or ugly prints. They'll do the job, they were just boring me to death as I sewed them up.

This weekend I also made this paper pieced block. What for, you ask? Well... I guess in essence I have just started another UFO.

Someone told me it looks like an LSD trip. Um... I wouldn't know! Does it??

My wonderful, carefree, stupendous, fun, much-appreciated time off has now come to an end. Tomorrow I return to work. The staff return for lots of joyous meetings, and school officially starts the day after Labor Day. Why am I so surprised every year when the summer flies by way too fast??

Counting the years until retirement.... except I don't know when to stop counting. (Sad.) Please cross your fingers that my weekends won't fill up with activities so that I can sew every weekend! Also that my school year won't be so stressful and exhausting like it was last year! Maybe I could even squeeze some sewing time into the evenings if I don't use up all my energy at work.

'til next time...

Be nice like me.

:-) My dad used to say that.


Tonya Ricucci said...

I love that wild block. Don't think of it as starting another UFO. Playing with colors and techniques and different blocks is one of the greatest ways to have fun and learn too. Always important. Besides, it will add zing to whatever quilt it ends up in - would be fun in an orphan sampler.

mereth said...

The block is just the other end of the scale to the boring bags. The universe seeks balance! You probably needed to sew something with a bit of zing, so who cares where it will end up? Um, just don't waste it on the men's room, they've already got one..

Lucy said...

Carol, I want to reply on your comment at my blog. but you have a "no reply-adress"and I can't find yoru emailadress( maybe I look with my noose) so I post a reply on my blog. Hope you'll find it :-)

Lucy said...

And I love the quilt you made for the men's room!

Katie said...

The "UFO" block is outstanding! Wow!

Paula, the quilter said...

I love the paper pieced block! It's funny you should talk about men noticing things. I've been doing my own little experiment with my eyeglasses and nobody (even the women) have noticed that they are different.

Sweet P said...

I like the quilt in the men's room. I bet they notice quickly. Your PP block is great and is a great opposite to the boring bags.

Mary Johnson said...

I like the Bathroom quilt! I bet they do notice since there's not much else to look at and that blue wall pulls the eye.

My doll quilt is 18.5 x 25 inches and I'm having so much fun making it. I don't have any room here at the apartment to display a doll with a quilt so I'll make sure I get rid of it quickly so I won't tempted to keep it.

Heather said...

Carol, your blogs are always so much fun to read. Keep up the great work -- juast love your quilts!

Finn said...

You are nice Carol, and if that's like your Dad, it's A-OK with me!!

I do wish you a less stressful year this year, and much time and energy to sew up a storm!
Love the Men's Room quilt...LOL, and the Wild'n'Wonderful block you made...make more!!!
Take care of you! Hugs, Finn