Friday, August 31, 2007

Lunch Bags

I have made a few lunch bags over the years. They have all been just one layer of fabric, with no closure of velcro, buttons, or anything. Today I decided to quilt them, so they are thicker and hopefully can help keep something cool at least for a brief time. Because they are thicker, they are also a little more challenging to close.

What do you think? Would you rather use a lunch bag with a clip like I show here? Or would you like the tie that is sewn onto the side? You can vote for something fancy like a button, but I'm not going to do a button! I'm trying to keep these as simple as possible. Believe me, if I try anything fancy like a button, I know I'll mess up and the bags will look totally amateurish and ugly.

I am planning to sell these at my church bazaar, and I wonder which ones might sell better than others. To do the clip style, I'd have to buy the clips, which I'm willing to do. It requires a big, fat one like shown, because of the bag's thickness. The tie doesn't require an extra purchase, but they're kind of putzy to make. So I am looking forward to hearing your opinions!


Knitted Gems said...

First, I love the fabric on these bags. Such fun!
My vote goes with the clippies though. I would be worried about the drawstring mushing things together when it cinched the top closed.

Silverthimble said...

I like the clip! If you want them insulating, have you tried the batting with the silver finish on one side that is used in hot mats. It is made to reflect the heat back onto the dish so it should reflect the cold back onto the food in the same way.

Sweet P said...

Why not velcro? I would think the clip could get lost too easily and the tie would lessen the amount of room available for food inside the bag.

I love the fabric you've used in the samples. It's great for lunch bags.

Tazzie said...

I like them both, but I think the velcro idea is great. I know my kids would lose anything that wasn't permanently affixed.
Ohh, and I love the fabric too!

Katie said...

How about Velcro?

Darcie said...

Fun fabric!!! Who wouldn't be excited about brown-bagging it with lunch bags like these?

Yes...I too was thinking about velcro. I do like the clips though...very cool idea.

Finn said...

What great fabric for a lunch bag..bright and happy! I really love the way the button looks. Could you use anything like the big old clumky coat buttons of long ago? Or the large military type shank buttons? Easy to get hold of with your fingers.
It's a cut idea, the bags. Hugs, Finn