Wednesday, August 01, 2007

He's Here!

Little D. was born on July 31, weighing in at 2 lbs 12 oz. I don't know many details at all... I have no idea what condition he is in! All my messages have been via e-mail and answering machine.

I looked for preemie patterns on-line and found some! This little shirt is supposed to fit a baby that is 2-3 lbs. Can you imagine that it really will?? It had the pattern pieces, but no directions. I had to fly by the seat of my pants, and I certainly learned some things. If I can find some soft enough fabric, I'll try another one and make it less amateurish, I hope. I'm not even showing you my beginning attempts where I had one sleeve correct and one sticking straight up into the air.

I hope to see baby D. later today and maybe will have pictures to share. I don't know if I'm allowed near him or whatever area he is in. Thanks for your kind thoughts for D. and his mommy, recovering from emergency c-section. I'll keep you posted.


Knitted Gems said...

The shirt looks about the same size that I made for a doll last christmas - so small!
Keep us updated on the wee one's progress.
Wishing you well.

Sweet P said...

Wow! That is one tiny t-shirt. Welcome to the world Derrick.

I'm watching the news about the bridge. I'm glad to hear you're OK. My family is OK, too. One of my nieces is working with one of the on-site emergency teams right now.