Thursday, August 23, 2007

Happily Stuck at Home

Our son has one of our cars, and the other one is in the shop. So I'm stuck at home with no transportation other than my own two legs. I'm enjoying the peace and quiet and freedom from running errands! Today I'm doing whatever I want!

Yesterday I went to church and got a lot done. I am working on a big quilt which will be for our bed. I showed you the beginnings earlier, and today I'm showing you the progress I'm making. I have the first three rows sewn together. Then it was time to pack up and come home, so I took the photo like this to help me remember the order of the blocks and the rows. I still have to add borders and such, because it needs to be queen-sized eventually. I'm feeling good about it so far and like what I have in my mind as the final product. Eventually we'll see if the real thing looks anything like what my brain has cooked up.

I am in charge of a small bazaar we do at my church. It's a little "add-on" to a big turkey dinner we do, so it's not a huge affair. But I do want to have some nice things for sale, and so far I just have a few piddly things ready. I need to get busy on more items! This is what I have so far:

a long and narrow summer-theme table runner. It measures 13" x 52"! Can you see the ants?

A wild and crazy table runner, good for all kinds of celebration days.

close up of the funkiness

two tote bags that are not lined or quilted, so they are pretty light weight and not as useable... why did I do it that way??

The other side of the yellow one says Shakespeare. I purposely combined two very different eras and genres.

This little baby and blanket I actually bought at another bazaar somewhere.. can't even remember where. I'll re-sell it at my church bazaar. How's that for lazy - or shall I say clever?!

a fleece baby blankie, one of those ubiquitous tied things..

AND I just remembered I have another doll blanket all made plus a bunch of placemats that just need to be finished off (some kind of binding or stitching is all they need). I don't have pictures of those, but I'm glad I remembered having more items to sell. I need to get busy and make a few holiday items.

Last night I was bitten by the Baking Bug, and in my case that almost always means a dessert. I pulled out one of my many church cookbooks and chose a new recipe. I thought it had to be good since it includes chocolate chips. Well, it turned out kind of odd... almost TOO sweet. I must be getting old. I never used to think anything could be too sweet.

Why is food so hard to photograph? It's difficult to make it look enticing in a photo. My hat's off to professional food photographers. This photo was taken when the bars were fresh and chocolate chips still gooey. Mmmmmm, usually I love that stage, such as in cc cookies, but as I said, these bars are a little weird. I'm not sure I even like them. What a waste of perfectly delicious chocolate chips! Next time I should make a salad or something healthy... I'm too fat, and my husband has diabetes, so what do we do with this pan of icky bars?? Come on over and have one, if you dare! haha!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE the quilt for your bed. Scrappy quilts are my favorite! The more blocks the better. And I'm so proud of you for the many items you've gotten together for the bazaar!

Note about food photography. From what I understand, food for print media is most often unfit to eat. It's covered with non-edible sprays, glisteners, etc to make it look wonderful.

Chookyblue...... said...

love the quilt for your bed.......looks so different just turning the have been busy with the table runners.......

Tazzie said...

Wow! So much eye candy, I love all the quilts, and mmmmm ... you're making me hungry!

Tonya Ricucci said...

my husband likes the most boring cookies imaginable - straight chocolate chip from the recipe on the package. bleck. bland and too sweet.
you do know you are set up as "no reply", right. you may certainly quote me. wow, you are already preparing for a show next february? good for you. I'd have to procrastinate for ages and then panic at the last minute....

Finn said...

The new BIG quilt is looking great! I love the idea of it and the way you are setting the blocks. They don't seem random at all, this way.
Love the look of the bars...I think I have that recipe..mine only makes a 9 X 9 pan, thank goodness!
Great looking things to take to the baazar...and they'll be OUT of the house..hurray!!
Love the shoe are TOO clever girl!LOL...
precious pictures of Tiny Boy..he's looking so good and soooo much bigger..*VBS* Have a great weekend! Hugs, Finn

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

I love how you have turned the blocks and really turned the whole quilt into a standout.
The fete things are good, little chooks and string pieced pot holders are good quick and cheap to make items as well-in case you wanted more ideas lol.
I wpold happily eat that dessert, and put back on the weight I have just managed to lose1 tracey

Anonymous said...

thank you so much my package arrived today and I can't wait to play around with fabrics once school starts so it can stay a surprise!
OH I need to go bake some chocolate bars now that I see what you made. Looks good to me !
love all the quilt blocks and bazaar projects especially the ducky blankie !
thanks again

Tracey in CT said...

Sorry to hear that your summer fun is over! If Thing One were in your neighborhood, I'm sure that she would love that chocolate chip thing...she'd demolish it in no time flat!

Sharen said...

Love the ZigZag Ants tablerunner. Is it your pattern or for sale?

Carol E. said...

Sharen, that pattern was from one of those small cards that you can get for about $3. I don't remember its name or who created it.

Rosy1906 said...

love your blog, this is my first time visit - via Pinterest. I love your watermelon table runner, and was wondering where I could buy the pattern. I must subscribe now to your blog. thank you