Friday, September 15, 2006

Postcards & a Scarecrow

I spent the day making postcards! These are such fun -- a quilt that you can finish in just minutes! I would have made more, but I ran out of timtex. I foresee a trip to the quilt shop in the near future. (Hey - does Michael's carry this stuff? It probably would be cheaper there. Note to self: check out Michael's first.)

While running errands this afternoon, I found a good subject for my Daily Photo - a scarecrow! I was at the end of a Dead End street and saw this picturesque garden. The greens and yellows and even the scarecrow are so pretty!


Nancy said...

I've been trying to ignore the call of the postcards but ya'll sure are making it hard on me!

Love that scarecrow. He's perfect in that garden.

Silverthimble said...

I love your post cards! Beautiful! .............and what a cute scarecrow.

Tracey in CT said...

The postcards look great! I don't know if Michaels has the TImtex or not, I bought some at Joann's the other day, so I know that they have it.