Sunday, September 17, 2006

The Windy Suburb

Last night we had a big rainfall. We were lucky that was all. North and South of us had tornado touchdowns! Today it is windy and cool. Some would say cold, but to me it's just lovely. The windows are open and curtains are bouncing in the breeze.

I found more timtex! I *thought* I had more. I made five more postcards. I'm really having fun with these, though it cuts into my quilt production terribly. If any of you readers feel like making quilts for children, there is a large need at a place called Wrap Them in Love. They send quilts to orphanages around the world. She currently has many more requests than she has quilts on hand. If you could share some quilts with kids in need in Guatemala, India, Russia, Philippines, and Viet Nam, that would be fantastic! Check out her info at

Here's my photo of the day: Boat for Sale. I volunteer at the local library, delivering books to people who can't get out much. I saw this boat on the way to my library drop-off site.

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