Thursday, September 07, 2006

Aunt Freda

My Aunt Freda died this week. She was 91. Freda was a classy lady who loved books, the arts, and her beloved Ireland. She lived a full life, with multiple joys and plenty of sorrows. She weathered her challenges with grace and always spoke lovingly of her children, her dear grandchildren, and her great-grandchildren. She always enjoyed a good story, which was a lucky thing, being married to my Uncle Ernie who was a great story teller. Now they can enjoy stories together in heaven.

It's an odd thing, being one of the youngest of the cousins generation and, as the years march on, gradually losing aunts, uncles, and my wonderful, dear father. I guess I always thought they'd be around forever, though, of course, I knew they wouldn't. Now we younguns' get to be the grown-ups.

Thanks to my ancestors for leading the way and making a strong, clear path for me to follow.


Andi said...

My condolences for your family's loss.

You asked about Tonya's challenge... a few weeks ago (sometime in mid-August) she said if anyone wanted to "take the leap" and make letters, we should start with Xs and Os, and make a quilt to give to a charity of our choice.

Anonymous said...

Carol, You and I sound alot alike. I'm of that certain age where I'm experiencing general fear; for my childern, of my husband's health, of our financial future, of the worlds future.It's good to hear a postive spin on it all. God blessed Aunt Freda and may God bless you. Rhonda