Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Flawless Weather

As the TV weather guy just said, today's weather is "flawless" -- beautiful, blue skies, cool in the morning, warming up comfortably but not hot in the afternoon, and this evening we once again will cool down and enjoy perfect sleeping weather. This time of year is my favorite!

I took a picture of a tree showing the beginnings of fall. Look at that sky! Look at the gorgeous tree top colors! It's breath-taking.

I hope I get in some good sewing time this evening. Maybe I'll even post another message before bedtime!


Andi said...

We don't get fall here in Phoenix, I'm just waiting for our beautiful winter temperatures...about 70 degrees.

That tree is gorgeous, especially against the blue sky!

Nettie said...

lovely! thanks for the report about Fall where you are (Minnesota?). You're inspiring me to take my camera out with me today.