Thursday, October 15, 2015

So Many UFOs! -- and a little prize

I decided to gather up all my quilts that need finishing and to prepare backing fabrics for them. Omigosh, I have so many! And quilting takes me a long time, as it's a hard task for me. So who knows how long it will take for all of these quilts to be completed. I have a pile of eight, so far. This photo shows only seven. I have about four or five that are out on my table, waiting for me to piece together a backing fabric. This means my total to-be-done pile is going to be about a dozen. Eeek!

Want to make a guess? Place any bets? Put a guess in the comments, telling me a date by which you think I will finish these seven that are in the photo, and I will send a charm pack to whoever comes closest. This is Downton Abbey, Lady Sybil fabric by Andover Fabrics - 42 five-inch squares. (Sorry, USA shipping only.) This is nice fabric! Might as well add some fun and mystery to my "chore!" You have until Monday, October 19 at midnight Central time to put in your guess.

P.S. - Lest you think I really am rather organized; the list and photo of UFOs I have discussed here are only the ones I have on hand that I hope to give away in the fairly near future. I have several other UFOs that I'm not counting - things I want to make for fun, for me to keep, to give to family members, etc etc. My UFO pile really is endless.


Anonymous said...

I am guessing you are feeling very motivated so my guess is November 5 :)

BarbCarol said...

If we are talking just getting the backing fabrics ready, I would say 19 Oct. But, to finish (quilting, binding) during such a busy season of the year, I am guessing Dec 3, 2015 ( I would have to say 2016, if I were doing this task).

Nann said...

Since you are determined to get these finished, my guess is December 15, 2015. (Not that I *need* any fabric, but a prize is a nice motivator.)

Anonymous said...

Judging by how long it would take me, I'll say Feb 14, 2016