Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Just Some Chit Chat

I haven't just rambled, chit-chat style for a while. Now's the time.

Husband recently fixed my sewing table so it will now fit my sewing machine that I got a year ago. It's nice to have the machine sit down into the table like it's supposed to. It's handy to have a hubby who is handy.

We've been having a gorgeous fall here! Many long days of sunshine, comfortable temperatures, and blazing orange, yellow, and red trees!! I love it. I'm trying to soak it all in and memorize the colors so when gray, dreary November comes, I can be happy in my memories.

Last Saturday I went to a quilt show which was quite good - put on by Ladies of the Lake Quilters.

I have several more photos, but they're kind of hard to find on my computer at the moment, so I'm giving up.

Here's a baby quilt I made.. a couple at church is having a baby but asked that our gifts to them go instead to a shelter where there are three pregnant women. So someone in need is getting this quilt. It was fun doing an anonymous baby shower, knowing the gifts are really needed where they are going.

Here's a quilt I'm making. I can't decide if I'm finished or not. The recipient asked for a longer than normal quilt (this one is) that is "heavy" kind of like a weighted blanket. I have that figured out, I think. What I don't know is if I have made it wide enough. I am hesitating taking it to the quilter until I figure out if I'm done or if I need to add some width to it. I'm eager to get it done! I just need to make a decision. Sometimes I can be indecisive!
I just realized this photo was taken when I was in mid-construction phase. It's not even the whole quilt top!

Well, this has been a disjointed chit-chat, but that's all I have in me right now. I'm tired and it's past my bedtime. Nighty-night!


Quiltdivajulie said...

Chit Chat is good . . .

Anonymous said...

What a great idea for a baby shower--and I love the blue and green of the ? finished quilt.