Saturday, October 10, 2015

A Fun Family Wedding

I finally found my camera. I had left it at church! I didn't actually find it, but a church staff person told me she had it and was pretty sure it was mine. I was SO HAPPY to get my camera back. It's nice to have another option in my cell phone, but that phone camera just does not cut it when I want to take real pictures. And, unfortunately, I had not been reunited with my real camera when our niece got married a week ago.

Nevertheless I managed to get some nice pictures (and some duds) which I share with you today. The wedding was last Saturday: a beautiful though a bit chilly fall day. Wedding took place in a park, and then reception was in a building which used to be a church but has been renovated to become a community center. Beautiful place!

Before the ceremony -- professional photos were done except for a couple of shots like this... then they're walking back to the shelter to keep warm before the wedding begins.

parents of the bride (my husband's sister), and arrival of the grandparents, helped by our nephew:

Our niece was full of laughter and joy - bride and groom adore each other.

Below: happy hugs, our daughter and her honey, the 4 at the table are hubby's brother and his wife, with hubby and me.

Group shot above is all the cousins on our side (hubby's side) of the family, our kids' generation. Missing was our son who is in Korea.

The happy couple is back at their new home and new jobs in Nebraska. They won't get a honeymoon until a year from now.


Anonymous said...

You and hubby are such a cute couple!!! The bride and groom are too. Looks like they had a great day.

Anonymous said...

So your son has been in Korea a long time. Does he get to come home to visit over the holidays?