Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Pictures of This and That

I found the pieces I needed to upload photos, so here you go: a good mish-mash of this and that.

Look at this.. playing Words With Friends. I had a great word, but no place on the board to make it. None that I could figure out, anyway. There are places for some good scoring words, but no place to use all seven letters. I just had to take a picture of it to remember the great word.

The next photo is J, from church, modeling the beautiful prayer shawl she made. The yarn is beautiful; the picture doesn't do it justice. The shawl is in a triangle shape and drapes so nicely. It's really a pretty one. She has been perfecting her crocheting skills over time.

This is my daughter in her bedroom. They just moved, and I was getting a tour. I was happy to see the quilt I made for them on their bed. (I had been told it was too small.)

a pretty quilt being shown at my guild meeting
I had fun driving around and trying to get decent pictures of Christmas lights.

I was given a big pile of fabric; lots of it was scraps, so I filled five more pet beds. After I made these I was given one more garbage bag full of scraps. There are going to be some happy animals around here.

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