Saturday, December 20, 2014

Having So Much Fun!

I was feeling stressed about getting ready for Christmas. We were due to have about two dozen people at our house for a family Christmas party. We always have fun, but I was stressed about prep work: cleaning and trying to make room for that many people. We don't really have space for that big a crowd.

Well, then my favorite uncle died. He'd had dementia and was failing.. couldn't really carry on a conversation, though he still recognized many people and would always say "peachy keen." They called him Mr. Peachy Keen at the nursing home. He was such a great guy, and was well-loved. He was kind, intelligent, caring, funny, gentle, faithful and peachy keen. He was a school counselor during his career days and a very active person in his church. A friend to all and a wonderful uncle. He was among the first American soldiers to arrive at and help liberate Dachau at the end of WWII. Even though a funeral is a sad thing, it will be a celebration of a great life, well-lived.

Anyway, the memorial service for this wonderful man is on the same day that our family Christmas party is happening. (The other side of our family, so they are not related to my uncle.) Our nephew offered to host instead of us, as the service is smack dab in the middle of the scheduled activities.... one huge weight off my shoulders!

Then we were planning to do our usual small family gathering here on Christmas Eve, but daughter, who just bought a house, invited us to her house instead! Wow! I have a total of ZERO gatherings to prepare for at my house.. another weight off my shoulders!

I'm so relieved. I've been having fun sewing and reading instead of cleaning and trying to move furniture around. And guess what we decided -- we are not decorating our tree! We're just leaving it with only lights on. I think that's pretty enough.

Here are some blocks I've made, some using scraps from what I was recently given:

I'll be making more blocks, as I'm having so much fun just playing.

My cousin and I went on a fun road trip. We stopped at four different quilt shops and bought lots of fabric! And then we went to visit my mom (and sister).

My mom played Mary in a Christmas pageant that happened yesterday. She was telling someone at her residence that as a kid she always wanted to be Mary, but she never got to, because she was a daughter of the preacher, and her mother, who was in charge of the pageant, didn't want to give her any special favors due to her position as Preacher's Kid. So at age 93 Mom finally got to be Mary. I just love that story! It makes me smile. By the way, I never got to be Mary, either, and for the same reason! LOL

I hope you will be able to drop the weights off your shoulders and enjoy a lovely and relaxed Christmas, too!


Quilter Kathy said...

Sounds like a win-win situation... enjoy your found time!

Ann X said...

Lucky you! I still must complete preparations as some of children are coming and staying until Boxing day. Good job the cooking is not my business, DH has his big apron out instead! That's the biggest burden off my shoulders as he is a great cook (and doesn't leave kitchen very messy either). :) Have a great time and enjoy!