Monday, October 20, 2014

Using My Older Camera

I capitulated and got my older camera ready to go. It had been so long since I used it, I had to set everything up again, like the date and time and all that. It feels comfortable, though. My muscle memory knows just how to use it.

I took pictures of my bizarre bazaar items. Nothing very fabulous, but here goes:

potholders and knitted dish cloths

wall hanging made by an online group in a swap/round robin thing (center block is made locally by a Hmong artist)
little zipper bags and two tote bags

hats: ice dyed youth and infant hats; knitted hats

more ice dyed items: a youth shirt, socks, and hair scrunchies


Anonymous said...

Wow! You made a BUNCH of items. I hope they all found a home. I like e fabric with the coffee cup on it.

Anonymous said...

A great collection. The ice dyed items look great! I have a Hmong center waiting for inspiration; yours provides a lot.