Monday, October 06, 2014

Gorgeous Quilts at AQS

As promised, here are more photos of quilts at the AQS show in Des Moines 2014. Feast your eyes!

First I am showing shots taken inside the condo we rented. Two friends are showing the prep work they did for the class they took. The dice are from a game which we adapted: "make a quilt block with your dice!" And there is a cool bridge over the river in Des Moines.

Next three photos are quilts for which I did not get the maker's name.. the close-up shot is just a close-up; I have no photo of the whole quilt.

by Jeri Fickes

a selvage quilt by Mayleen Vinson

This is Best of Show in the Modern Quilt category, made by Doris Brunnette and Trina Kirkvold.

First photo is the work we did in the class I took. My blocks are on the bottom right, the last two blocks in that row. For the next three I don't have the makers' names; the black background quilt was in a display of quilts from Egypt.

I loved this quilt from Netherlands!
quilt is by Janneke de Vries-Bodzinga

Hope you have enjoyed these photos. Join me again in the next day or two to see more photos of gorgeous quilts from AQS.


Anonymous said...

Loved the photos! Olay, where the heck are the seams in the concentric rings piece? I see the seams where the different colors are connected, but where are the seams in each individual circle? I guess I'm assuming they were cut on the bias and then folded a bit like piping, but the ends would have to be connected. Very intriguing! Cool dice game too!

Carol E. said...

Good question, Gram.. I would not have thought to ponder that. We usually do 45 degree angle seams on long strips like that. I think I see one on the outermost circle, at about 5 o'clock. You think so?

joe tulips said...

Was the gal who made the Iowa quilt there when you were there? We talked to her for quite awhile that day.

Anonymous said...

C: I think you are right about the seam on the outermost ring. It's barely visible. Even after you pointed it out, I tried to spot more. Very interesting piece. Thanks for checking.