Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Calendar Marches On

Last Saturday my aunt's memorial service took place. It was a wonderful service; so fun to see some friends and relatives I hadn't seen in a while. Also we were pleased to see how many lives my aunt has touched. The church was full! The music and the vignettes of her life were awesome. After the service, husband and I drove my mom back to her home, 150 miles away. She is now the last remaining sibling from her family of origin. How odd that must feel.

Mom appears to be losing her zest for life. I don't know how else to describe it. Physically I guess she's OK for her age. It's a journey of unknowns, that's for sure.

My focus now has switched to preparing items for our church bazaar which is next week, Oct. 22. I am enjoying getting to know my new sewing machine and making little zipper coin purses, and also a regular size purse which I might not put in the bazaar.. too many hours went into that construction for it to sell for an inappropriate price. (People don't want to pay much for items they purchase at a church bazaar; prices must be kept low.) Some of the fabrics in my little coin purses were free donations, so I don't mind selling them for just a pittance.

I have several more ideas and hope I can find enough hours to get all the items made in time.

Fall colors are at their peak in my area of the state.. gloriously beautiful! I love this time of year.


Quiltdivajulie said...

I'm so glad those of you with gorgeous fall trees are sharing them -- here things are just going dull.

Good luck with the bazaar pieces!

And very glad the memorial was meaningful.

antique quilter said...

I love that little zipper purse, very nice. The tree is just beautiful, I am so inspired by these colors, wow.
Happy for you that the memorial was special.

Anonymous said...

I am glad for the good memories that came from your aunt's memorial service and her life. Thinking good thoughts for your mom.