Saturday, May 31, 2014

Flowers, Sewing, and Knitting

Hooray! I finally got my summer flowers purchased and planted. And my irises are blooming! We've had some beautiful days. How lovely to sit outside and read and to have my flowers arranged. Now I need someone to come do the weeding.

I made this quilt top from scrap blocks and pieces that other people made (for the most part). The sashing is a Nigerian fabric I was given. I now have several tops that I need to quilt. I ran out of batting but plan to buy some this weekend while it's on sale. (Great timing!)

I made six blocks for Sunshine. I thought they were for June, but I realized I made them according to the July directions (novelty fabrics). Harumph. I still have June's blocks to make (pink and green).

I finished knitting this hat. The yarn was a little bit hard to work with, and my hands got really tired. I'm glad this one is done. It's summer time: a good time to work on small knitting projects such as hats and mittens, because they don't drape into a person's lap to make her hot. So I hope to get more small projects finished in the next couple of months.

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