Saturday, September 15, 2012

Quilt Guild Sewing

Saturday was a guild sewing day. We have certain Saturdays set aside to get together and work on quilts for the two community service projects we support. Only six people showed up, but we got a lot done. Maybe I should say THEY got a lot done. I worked on my own thing.... a kit that was a leftover from last year. I made OK progress, too.

This picture is the six of us, holding up part of the quilt I worked on.

This is the larger quilt that the other five worked on. See the magazine to the left? It shows a pattern in the current Quilt Sampler magazine (Fall/Winter 2012). That's what they worked on. It is turning out so pretty!

In that same magazine, be sure to read about the quilt shop Scottie Dog Quilts located in Eureka, California. The shop owner, BrendaLou, is a friend of mine! She is a great lady, and she and her daughter work hard to run a classy shop!

I have added a button to my side bar: Bloggers' Block of the Month at Peach Patch Quilts. I must admit, I'm not even 100% sure what it is. But the September block is for Margaret's Hope Chest, which I like to support, so I grabbed the button while I was at it and will see how things play out as the months go along.

How many readers noticed that I placed the apostrophe differently from how Peach Patch Quilts placed it. Which use do you think is correct?


Unknown said...

I may start going to guilds if they have fun like yours seems to have...good photo ops.

BrendaLou said...

Thank you so much for your plug for Scottie Dog rock! And BTW--I think YOU placed the apostrophe in the right place.