Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A New Decade

Today is my birthday. I'm 60 years old! This feels strange. I am surprised at how fast time flies. I don't feel 60.

OTOH, I really enjoyed my 50s and felt like I learned a lot about myself in the last decade. I also learned to appreciate my life and my world more than ever. I began to feel more settled in where I fit into the world. Maybe the 60s will continue this nice trend.

I got a couple of "Celebrate 60 Verbs" the other day:

I like the word "Beckon." I don't think it was on my list. All of these are great additions to my future Word Quilt.

I'll be making more verbs for myself next week after some family gatherings are done. On to my new decade of exploration!

P.S. The blocks are from Kim and LeeAnn. Thanks!


Jan Mac said...

Happy Birthday Carol.
I hope this decade is full of fun and laughter.

Dresden Quilter said...

Happy Birthday!

AnnieO said...

Happy Happy Birthday! You'll spend your 60's much like your 50's, I'm guessing :)

The verbs look great! I'll be making one soon...

Megs said...

Carol - my mom turns 60 today, too! Twins, seperated at birth?! Auntie Carol! LOL. Happy birthday!

joe tulips said...

Happy Birthday. I hope your verbs keep you busy all through the next decade.

joe tulips said...

The actions of the verbs, not the sewing it together.

Carol E. said...

thanks for the birthday wishes!! so nice of you all! And I got a new niece out of the deal (Megs). Best gift ever!

Kim said...

I just couldn't resist.....isn't Beckon such a great verb ( "be enticing" is one definition) you could always put it on the back :0).
Kiss is made from heart fabrics.

Happy 60th, it is good to know it doesn't feel any different....I'm only 4 months away!

Happy Sewing, glad the words arrived okay.