Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Am I as Stupid as a Fly?

You know that saying, I wish I were a fly on the wall so I could see what's happening at XYZ? If I were a fly, I would be utterly stupid and would not comprehend what was going on.

I have a skylight above my computer desk. It was chilly last night, so I closed the window. A fly was stuck between the window and the screen, so when I closed it, the fly buzzed around, trying to find a way out.

Twice I have opened the skylight to free the prisoner. The fly is so stupid that it didn't even notice and stayed "stuck" up at the top, near the hinge, as far from the opening (freedom) as possible and, still buzzing around looking for an escape. It even, believe it or not, flew down to the bottom, nearest the big opening to freedom, and still couldn't find its way out. Currently it is back up at the top, buzzing insanely. It is dooming itself to death by frantic starvation.

Sometimes I think we people are just as stupid. We don't see opportunities when they are right in front of our noses. And we keep going back to the top (the most stuck position), looking for a way out.

I don't have a particular example in mind other than the endless political shenanigans and all the junk surrounding the goings-on. I think we are all as stupid as flies this time around. I try not to let it get me down. But, I guess I am as stupid as a fly, because I keep going back to the news and hoping for a better outcome.

I hate being this stupid and cynical. Can't wait 'til the election is over!! Then I can pretend I'm smart again.

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Sextant said...

I had a boss tell me once, fix what you can fix and don't sweat the rest.

You certainly are not stupid, and if you are cynical, at least focus your cynicism on the those who deserve it, not your self.