Thursday, September 06, 2012

Green Logs

Today I finished a quilt! I quilted it myself on a long-arm machine at the store where I rent space on a Statler. Such fun!

This quilt was inspired by Victoria at Bumble Beans. She suggested we challenge ourselves; she meant something more outside the box than I came up with (log cabin.. nothing new there). But anyway, her challenge spurred me onto making this quilt, so it was a challenge with a happy ending for me.

Please forgive the umpteen photographs. I'm sort of in love with this quilt, having done all the steps myself, and impressing the heck out of myself, so I took lots of photographs.

It's a twin size, about 62" x 88"

Not the original backing I had in mind, but I saw it with another quilt top and traded. It is much better with this quilt. I love it! It's a Moda wide backing fabric.

some close-ups of some of the blocks

Dolly is testing out the cuddly factor. She says it passes muster. She especially likes the wool batting.

P.S. I am linking this to Quilts are for Giving Tuesday (even though I posted this on Thursday). This quilt will be a gift for someone, after a while... I haven't decided for sure who it's going to, so I'm not saying any names.


Unknown said...

Oh, you did well. I love this wonky kind of quilt. love the colours you chose too Carol.

joe tulips said...

I am pretty sure, it would be a safe bet that my name isn't on the short list of recipients. So I won't be holding my breath either.
It turned out wonderful.
Your verb is in the mail!

Pattilou said...

I just love the way you do log cabins in such a fresh, fun way! Great quilt start to finish! Congrats!