Monday, August 04, 2008

Our First Day

We made it! It was a long drive, but we enjoyed good conversation and the changing scenery. Sunday night we had an orientation and talked about the jobs that will need our attention. It's a whole variety of things. Today I worked in the Thrift Shop. We unloaded boxes and boxes and boxes of donated goods. People come into the shop, pay a dollar, and can pick and choose from the clothing and other items that are stocked in the store. It was quite amazing. We were busy all day restocking shelves and collecting empty hangars in order to stock more. The undies that my church donated were GREATLY appreciated. New items are kept behind a counter so that everyone gets a chance to pick just one at a time. Some of our other team members were out with a construction crew. I am eager to hear about where they went and what they did. Soon I'm heading back to our home away from home to hear all the stories. Wish I could write more, but my time is limited. I'll try to catch up again soon!

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