Sunday, August 31, 2008

My Lazy Sunday

This was a quiet, lazy day for me. I went to church and afterwards took a nap. For sewing all I did today was put borders on this 9-patch top. I'd made the top a while back and set it aside. Now it's ready for quilting and then donating to wherever I decide. This is sometimes a last-minute decision, as there are so many options!

I also pieced a backing for it using Mary's system at maryquilts dot com. (Thanks, Mary. I like your method.)

I cleared off one table top. Does that count for cleaning for the weekend??

Today I walked 2.5 miles.

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Mary Johnson said...

You're doing well with your walking. I managed to get a bike ride in this afternoon.

Cute quilt and the backing looks good. I just love how easy these are to make, that they use up stash without me having to have a large amount of yardage, and they look interesting too when the quilt is finished.