Monday, August 04, 2008

Another Day at Rosebud

They say the sky here is very big, and it IS an amazing sky. Somehow also the sun beats down hotter than it seems to at home. Temperatures have been in the 80s, but it feels hotter than that. We have been lucky, though. At night a cool breeze has come up, and is sooo refreshing. Last week they tell us it was 105 degrees. We are glad we are here this week and not last week!!

We have done a variety of jobs such as stocking shelves, unloading boxes, building an accessibility ramp, loading trucks, and today I am sewing quilts, curtains, and pillows. Later tonight we will hear more about what the other small groups are doing. There is great need for just about everything here. People appreciate our efforts. Tonight we are going to participate in a sweat lodge. They say it is usually a very moving experience.

Being here has already been a beautiful experience and touching to the soul. Already it is hard to explain this in words! I feel like my heart is being hugged and I'm kind of weepy with no apparent reason. Amazing.

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Kim said...

Making a difference in such a big way is very rewarding. Feeling that your efforts are appreciated feels good. Seeing so much need would make me feel weepy too. Isn't it amazing how we go to help and to offer our talents any way we can to help others, but come out of it feeling like they gave us more than we could hope to give. Not sure this describes your experience, but this has been one of mine. :)