Friday, August 29, 2008

My Helper is Back

We are cat-sitting for our daughter. Mr. Cat loves to "help" me sew. He slows me down just a tiny bit, as you can imagine!

I got more red/white blocks today! Hooray! These are from Cindy C:

and from Ritamary W:

AND I WANT TO MAKE AN ANNOUNCEMENT ABOUT MY RED/WHITE CHALLENGE -- I have decided to extend the deadline to Sept. 8th. Why? Because my p.o. box is sort of in the neighborhood of restricted travel and possible traffic tie-ups due to the RNC being in St. Paul... so I probably won't check it very often until a week or so after the original due date. And if Hurricane Gustav changes the schedule even more, I may extend the deadline even further. This gives you time to make more blocks if you want to, and also pushes back the announcement of who will win the little Thank You prize. Thanks for the great response to this challenge! It has been loads of fun.

Today's report: I walked 1.5 miles.


Magpie Sue said...

Tempting, very tempting...

Andrea said...

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! I have so wanted to send along some blocks...even more so now that I have someone near and dear who was diagnosed with cancer this past week...but August got away from me! I was coming onto the blog to send a note to see if I could still send you a few and here's your extension. YEAH!!! Blocks will be in the mail from me on Tuesday or Wednesday!

I hope the hurricane causes no further delays!!!