Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Fungly Challenge!

I have a hard time resisting Tanya's challenges. I decided to try some Fungly blocks. Here are my first two. I chose Shoo Fly, one of my favorite blocks. You know what's crazy about this? These are so "poorly made" (no measuring.. just whacking at approximately the right size) - yet my eye is reading them as almost correct! I don't want this project to look like I just don't know how to put a block together. I want my wonkiness to look intentional! I hope when they're all together it'll have the look I want.


Clare said...

The points are matching!!!!!!! (joke!).

Joyce said...

Surprisingly, it's harder to make things really wonky than really precise. I find I have to get very extreme with cutting some pieces really small or really big to get the wonky look.

Donna said...

The first "liberated" blocks/quilts I made were a real struggle to make wonky enough -- I think its like when you first quilted, getting blocks "right" was a struggle... Practise makes "perfect" though :-)