Saturday, December 15, 2007

Carpenter's Apron

A couple of women in my guild came up with this great idea. I didn't even know I needed one, but now I have one and love it! These are modeled after tool aprons one can get at Home Depot. We sometimes use these at guild on show set-up day, for carrying around tools such as wire cutters, cable ties, etc. But we had always had those ugly ones that Home Depot makes. Trish and Gerry realized we could make them prettier and more personalized! Some of the best ideas are such simple and obvious ones, aren't they??

I made mine and quickly realized how nice it is to have my tools right at hand. I carry these in and on my apron: scissors, tape measure, seam ripper, straight edge, magnifying glass, pin cushion, and even BandAids. After I made mine, I made another to give as a gift.

I wonder if I'll wear this so often that I'll forget, and I'll head off to the grocery store wearing it. I've done that a million times with my scissors fob attached to my shirt.... come back from a multi-stop errands run and realize I was wearing my scissors the whole time.

An added bonus... if I'm out and about and realize I'm wearing my apron, I can always put it on this way and just tell people it's really a scarf!


antique quilter said...

What a great idea! I just may have to make one of these too.
I love that fabric btw, sunflowers are my favorite!

Sweet P said...

How cool! But it looks much better as an apron than a hat.

Tracey in CT said...

Very attractive scarf you have there!

I think you should just keep it as an apron! I think I could use one of those around here, too. It would be handy for just picking up the odds and ends that I schlep from one room to another around here.

Linda C said...

I like your version of this--more colorful and quilter like.

I could see strapping something like this on to go walk as I always have to have certain things on hand--a spot for the car keys and sunglasses if I don't need them would help.

I put up those pumpkin dessert recipes if you want to run by my place when you get a chance.

Sarah Nopp said...

I need to make one too. I think you SHOULD wear it out LOL
And lots of little snips of threads and fabric.

Darcie said...

LOL You're too funny! Those sound like perfect gifts! And that is a great item to have handy (could that be a pun?)!

Katie said...

You are just too cute! LOL

Knitted Gems said...

That is an excellent idea! And it's awfully cute to boot.
I'm always dragging my craft caddie around the house ... and then trying to remember where I last left it.

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

What an absolutely fabulous idea...I am reknowned for spending more time finding where I put the cutter and the scissors down while making a project than sewing! Tracey

Magpie Sue said...

Brilliant! So when are you going to post a tutorial?