Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Big Bag

I found out a couple of additional people will be with us for Christmas. So last night I sat down and made this tote bag. I wanted to give it to one of the additional folks... one is in her 90s and one is in her 20s. What do you think? For whom is this more appropriate?

It turned out larger than I expected (about 15" x 18"), and I made longer than usual handles. It works well to put it over one's shoulder, but if just carrying it, it'll drag on the ground.

Would it be appropriate for a shopping bag replacement (save a tree)? Carrying books? Or should I keep it myself and make something else that is more obviously useable? Decisions, decisions.

BTW, the little star pocket is something I unstitched from an apron that had one too many patches on it. The apron looks better, and I gained a little patch to put on the bag.

I made a couple of pot holders, too.


Donna said...

looks like a great bag to me! I'd go with the younger person, just 'cause at 20 something you still have hoards of stuff to carry -- at 90 not so much :-)

Darcie said...

I love the bag! I will agree with Quilt Pixie. When we trek to the nearest Barnes & Noble (only 120+ miles!)...I always see young college students with bags that would midget mine!

Love the potholders too. Did you use anything special for the batting/stuffing?

Carol E. said...

For the pot holders I just used 3 layers of 100% cotton batting. Sometimes I use 4 layers. These have 3.