Sunday, July 22, 2007

Twin Girls!

There is a family at church who just had twin girls! It was a long pregnancy for poor Mom. She had to be on bedrest and was so uncomfortable. Finally the babies were born. The little one had to have surgery, but now they are both home, and the family is getting settled in. Big Brother reportedly is in love with his new sisters. Aren't they all adorable????

I was thinking about age, and realized sadly that these young parents probably consider me Old. I'm likely the age of or even older than their parents! They maybe think I have my life all figured out, I'm an expert at child rearing as mine are both adults now.... ha! Inside I don't feel THAT much removed from where they are in life. I remember those early days. Are those days really 20+ years ago now?? Time is funny, isn't it.

Yesterday I spent some time at church using the nice, big tables for basting quilts and then quilting them. I finished three quilts and was going to send them all off to various charities such as Project Linus... but now I'm tempted to give the two little ones to these little baby girls. First I'll find out if they have loads of quilts and blankets already filling up their home. I wonder if Big Brother has one, too.

This picture shows the pile of quilts I had with me at church yesterday. The top two are baby quilts that are rather small... perfect for little twins (both girls hovering around 6 pounds, more or less). The brownish one is for Wrap Them in Love. And the bottom one is a quilt I made for my brother-in-law. I picked it up from the machine quilter yesterday, and I LOVE it! Thank you for your great work again, Diane!

None of these has been bound yet. I need to get busy on bindings, but first, there is a birthday party to attend this afternoon.

Have a great week, everyone! And remember, young or old, we're all bumbling through this life, doing our best, trying to figure it all out. We'll finally Get It when we're in heaven, I think. (Warm thoughts of my dad who is in heaven, welcoming his brother who died this week.. my uncle who looked a lot like my dad.) I'm feeling sentimental!
P.S. I'm doing the Pay It Forward thing.. first three people who sign up with me will get a gift from me (I have a year to get it made and sent). Meanwhile, you also make this offer and send gifts to three who sign up with you. Fun? Please say yes and sign up!


Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

I think these babies would look gprgeous wrapped in your quilts, and their brother!
And no, I don't think any of us ever get it all worked out...we just get increasingly experienced in looking like we have!
Good luck with being the featured quilter!Tracey

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Hi, you are in for Pay it forward, I can't find an email addy for you so snail mail addy to me please, Tracey

Beertje Zonn said...

What a beautiful quilts are on your Blog.

Sonnja from the Netherlands

Finn said...

Hi Carol, what a great job to get three quilts pinned and quilted! Way to go!
Love the baby pictures..what sweeties they all are, and yes, they do look young!
If you really wanted to feel old, imagine your eldest turning 40 this year! I'm sure it's a mistake!!! Hugs, Finn

Helen said...

I totally agree with you about the age thing!!

Lynn Dykstra said...

A friend and I at church were wondering just exactly when we became the wise women of the congregation, as we don't feel very wise!
A nice pile of quilts!