Friday, July 13, 2007

A Cat and Some Blocks

Our daughter's cat needed a vacation. He lives with her in an un-air-conditioned apartment, and it was just too blasted hot. He came to our house to cool off and to get reacquainted with us. She misses him, so I'm posting pictures -- she wanted to know what he has been doing.

This spot at the front door is a favorite place, rivaled only by the back door where he can attempt to hunt our neighborhood chipmunk. I swear that chipmunk knows the cat is there but safely out of reach. It'll come right up to the door and sit there teasing the poor cat! Anyway, this spot at the door keeps him occupied for hours as he watches the world go by.

When he knew I was following him around to take his picture, he decided to do his stretch and roll routine.

After all that hard work, he needed a snack.

And finally, he went to the front window, another favorite spot, especially at nap time. It's a good place to see some great bird activity. By the way, even though it was horribly hot when he came, it cooled off nicely and so we can enjoy having the windows and door open, which is really fun for the cat. He's an indoor cat, but he just loves the fresh air he gets when we can open up.

When the cat is not inspecting my fabric or my sewing machine, I manage to get a few blocks made. I'm making RWB blocks for To The Top which gives quilts to vets. Here's what I have made so far. I thought I had more than that, but I guess not.... better get back to work!

Note to daughter: I am working downstairs, and I can hear him running back and forth upstairs. I don't know what has caught his attention up there, but he is getting some good exercise.


dot said...

Beautiful!!!!!!!! I really like this RWB quilt. Someone is going to be very lucky.

Anonymous said...


I miss the little guy more than I thought I would. He looks so cute. I'm happy to hear that he has found ways to amuse himself. Here I thought he might be filled with saddness, missing me.

sewprimitive karen said...

What a nice cat, pretty markings. Your patriotic blocks look great.

Lavenderlady said...

Now you are indeed the nicest sitting! Pretty cool kitty. I loved the drop and roll. Ollie does that too, but less and less.