Sunday, July 01, 2007

Fiddley- Diddley

I have been quick to adapt to my time-off status and have been moving slowly. I just fiddle-diddle on things and have not made huge headway on anything. But that's OK, too. For now I have no huge, looming deadlines.

This doll quilt was one of my UFOs. Those 16-patches are made with 1-in squares. I was originally thinking of selling the doll, a basket she sleeps in, her outfit, and the quilt at a church bazaar, but I'm kind of attached to all of them now and haven't decided if I can part with them. After all, I may be lucky enough to have a grandchild at some far point in the future, and he/she will want a baby to play with.

I also finally made some blocks for our guild project. We are helping make quilts for Home of the Brave, Minnesota Chapter. Quilts go to Minnesota families who have lost a son/daughter, father/mother, husband/wife in the war in Iraq or Afghanistan. These are the blocks we make. They're quick and easy; I had just put off doing them for several months. (We use Civil War reproductions and those are not my favorites, so I find them easy to put off.) Unfortunately, the need keeps growing, so I'll try to keep contributing. We collect signatures in the middle square.

On another topic, I have a new cell phone that has a camera in it (a first, for me). I don't know how to get the pictures from camera to computer. Can anyone explain it simply for a not-too-swift-with-new-gadgets person?


Finn said...

Hello again...*VBS* I must say I love the doll quilt for the baby with a basket to sleep in. And I think you SHOULD keep it around. Actually I think I may have the same doll, but I'd have to see the whole thing to know..LOL
It's a gorgeous quilt you've tossed together there. It has a look of 'love', about it.
I vote for keeping it. The blocks for the famiiy quilts are really pleasant and restful. I can see why they'd use those fabrics, but I agree, not my most best kind either. Hugs, Finn

Angie said...

That doll quilt is just delightful!! Gorgeous, tiny pieces, and I just love the snowball pattern with a 16-patch. I just don't think you should even consider putting that baby, basket and her quilt up for 'adoption'!!! :( LOL