Friday, October 19, 2018

More Sewing, and a Quilt Give-Away

I finished these three quilts and sent them to Quilts Beyond Borders.

I sent these to Wrap a Smile.
The arrow one is a pattern by Terry Atkinson.

A while back I asked a friend, "what's your favorite color? what's your mom's favorite color?" Then I made these two quilts. I was slow at getting them done; you may have seen them before. I had them done and still they sat around at my house. (I hope she forgot that I asked about favorite colors.. that was a couple years ago, I think.) Finally, I decided it was time to deliver the quilts. I drove over to their house, and to be honest, I was glad that they were not home. (I am uncomfortable when having a fuss made over me when I give away quilts; it's always more fun just to do it on the sly.) Via text they told me they'd be home soon, so I left the quilts inside their screen door, and took off. After a bit I received a text message full of exclamation points. That was a lot of fun. And later I got a picture of one of the quilts on a lap, with the cat also approving of it. Too fun.

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